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I hope you've found my sanctuary to your liking. I wrote this quick "about me" section in case you were curious about the writer behind the keyboard. If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to voice them below.

My name is Valerie, and I'm closely nearing my mid 20's (I feel so much older with all I've gone through) I'm engaged, to a wonderful loving man (his name is Joe) who's been so helpful and supportive through all my many trying times. We've been together for over 5 years and engaged for 3 years. To be honest we probably won't marry for many years to come as we just bought a home. It's very exciting! Our closing date is scheduled for July 10th 2012 (this is our 4th date given)

I read, and watch movies a lot! it's my only escape from this world. They make me very happy, I don't watch much in terms of tv. I only watch tv when others are, or I'm exceptionally bored. I'm obsessed with technology and how things work. I know just about everything when it comes to cell phones, tv's, gaming, computers etc. I took a few years out of my life to train in cooking and baking. I love both, but baking makes me just a tad bit happier =) My birthday is July 24th.

I'm hoping to become a mom soon, I have a medical condition which is keeping me home and the disease could very well take away my ability to have children. Sadly, there are always other things to think about, the biggest being money. So we've put it off for now. I'm crossing my fingers for summer of 2012 though!

Anyway! What should you expect on here? Well, a bit of everything to be honest. Recipes, DIY projects, Book reviews, Gaming Reviews, Tech reviews, Movie reviews...the works! I'll also keep you updated on my baby situation =D I may mention a thing or two about Greek mythology. I’m no expert but I know quite a bit for the average person. I’m writing my own book based on Greek mythology, so you’ll probably hear about that from time to time.

Also, I'll post tutorials on web coding when asked. I did quite a bit of it back in the day. I'm rusty, however, so you'll have to be patient with me. I don't know everything! =P

Thanks for reading!



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