Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a month!

Jeesh! I'm sorry, Valentines came and went...and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Sadly I got extremely sick on the 13th, terrible timing let me tell you. It lasted for a week or so and then I went back to my "regular" sort of pain. So sorry everyone! I was so looking forward to surprising the hubby. It was upsetting for me.

Its been just over a month now. I've been either sick or busy with so many other things that I let the blog slip my mind. Not sure if I mentioned this before but the closing date on our house is officially June 25th :D So I've been making preparations for that. We're almost completely starting from scratch as neither of us has lived out of our parents home (I know right? but things happen)

So I've been buying things here and there, always on sale. A piece of me dies inside if I ever spend full price on just about anything. It drives the hubby nuts but he knows it's smart thinking.

I got a letter in the mail on Monday, I was finally accepted for ODSP. After 2 and a half years, they finally said yes. I couldn't help myself, I started to cry. These last couple of years have been so stressful, it was like a huge weight had instantly been lifted off my shoulders. I have my update appointment this Tuesday, they essentially want all the paper work I gave them when I first applied. Updated of course. I'm nervous, excited and scared to be perfectly honest. It almost seems like a dream.

Anyway, this Sunday the builder is having a customer appreciation party in a community center by the development. Like a meet your neighbor type deal =P It'll certainly be interesting. Our parents are coming along for the trip; I think they're just glad to be rid of us soon hah.

I'll end this on a cheery note. Has spring arrived for you? (where ever that may be) Today was very lovely; 19°C out with the sun shinning. A hint of a cool breeze...I can certainly get used to this.


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