Monday, March 14, 2011

6 month challenge: Nothing Fried & No Pop

Hey guys, so Mar 6th I went out on a whim and challenged myself and Joe to abstain from fried foods and pop for the next six months. Crazy right? When you set a challenge like this it really makes you see how much of our foods are terrible for us! I'm concerned about Joes health, he's in the obese BMI range; just over that 30 mark. A month or so ago he started exercising again and eating better but that quickly fell apart when I stayed at his parents for a week...I was his excuse.

Anyhow, we've been alright so far. We haven't eaten a lot of things that we'd love to eat hah it's defiantly been challenging. So we've weighed one another now and we'll do the same come the end of august. Just to see how much of an impact it really has on our lives.

My question to you is, would you or could you do this? No cheating, not even once?! Let me know =)



Amanda said...

That's a good idea! If only I could get my mom to lay off the pop. I personally could do that. Pop isn't hard for me to stay away from. Fried food...well I don't eat any really anyways :P Keep at it!

The Sugar Chandelier said...

Well I used to be addicted to pop, so every time I have it i get that "I want more" craving afterwards. As long as I can keep myself in check I'm fine, I can handle the cravings. But we've both been good (as far as I know he's been good) his mom loves to have oil in everything. Extra virgin of course as they're itals but it's a bit much. So she's been all sad since we've been doing it cause she does it for everyone hah.

The only fried food I think I miss is chicken wings...I enjoy those a lot hah I know you can make them baked but it's just not the same =P

Amanda said...

Well the chicken doesn't have to be friend. Marinated and bake it :) or do u simply mean fried chicken itself?

The Sugar Chandelier said...

baked isn't the same...just isn't lol i mean just the wings. I can do without fried chicken in general

Amanda said...

Why not eat more fish like shrimp? Lots protein! I got spinach shrimp and raspberry vinagarette for salads over the next week for lunch

The Sugar Chandelier said...

I can only tolerate shrimp if it's battered. Otherwise it just makes me sick to my stomach =S Fish like halibut, cod, and rainbow trout i can eat with or without batter; fried, baked or pan seared.

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