Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coding, taking it easy

Hey folks, this is my officially official first blog post on blogger. I must say I couldn't have gotten as far and as quick as I have without the help of DreamLikeMagic. Thank you so very much! I've been out of the coding and graphic scene for many years(I'm really not that old, I started pretty young hah) and getting back into it was a bit tough. It's coming back though!

I know that this post and the ones to follow won't reach many eyes as I'm just getting started on my blogging journey. But I'm hopeful! I'm okay with it, just being all alone...for now. Besides all I'm doing is tweaking and editing code to my liking. I'm very precise, I drive myself insane!

Well this is it for the time being. I'll be checking in once in a while



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