Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Stache Bash!

So next month is my birthday *yay* hah and I've decided to have a Mustache theme! Funny right? I haven't had a birthday party in years and as I'm moving far away from most people I know in the new year (more about that later) why not have a party with style?

We're doing the party at a hotel as we don't currently have our own space; kinda sucks but it also means minimal clean up hah. So how did I get to the stache bash? I was surfin Esty; something I do often as I love it to no end, and I was looking for a gift for the other birthday boy (He's a day older then me so we're doing one party for the both of us ^^) and I saw these stache's for a photobooth prop. And it just blossomed from there hah

So since then I've been getting these ideas for things to do. I have a few people who occasionally look at this blog who are going so I won't go to much in detail, but I've got some games planned and prizes; all stache themed. I've already ordered a bunch of stuff off of etsy for the occasion. I cannot wait hah I'm not sure anyone understands how excited I am about

I think I've decided to go with cupcakes, it's just easier all around on me and for eating. Especially in a hotel; I'm going to do some finger foods for it as well...I'm not 100% on what those shall be just yet, but something simple and not to messy. If you have any suggestions I'm more then willing to accept them =P

I have a lot of craft projects to do for this, all of which I shall post about after the fact =P Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome. I could use any and all help ^^


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