Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Flying on the rails

So I haven't baked in a while; well a while for me. There's so much to do >.< I have a house guest until Thur evening, I have some papers to fax off for my hearing next month, I have a web site to start for a friend which means hours upon hours of research and typing and reading lol it's fun and interesting but there's so many brain cells being fried in the process just staring at the screen! Not that I'm trying to complain...just yeah lol

In other news I've gotten hold of a few games, more actually but thank you PSN for having a shitty server! As I said in my previous post, I picked my games for free from the PSN for the hacking business that went down. I must say people of the Sucker Punch Productions, you did good giving your game away! Talk about publicity! Infamous is a wicked game, more so because it's free hah. But for those of you who know the gaming world, the second installment recently came out. I could see myself going and purchasing it once I'm finished all the games I have now (seriously it won't be for a long while)

So back to my original thought, I picked Infamous and Dead Nation. Infamous is about this guy named Cole who is a delivery guy delivering a package. Once at his destination he was asked to open it and what resulted would change his life FOREVER! He's all electrically charged now...so many thoughts on that hah it's a game to definitely check out! Dead Nation, well I haven't started to play it yet but it's a Zombie game! who doesn't or wouldn't enjoy taking down some zombies?! The trophies are so awesome hah (Kill 53 596 Zombies) on top of that I picked up The Force Unleashed. I can't wait to get started! I loveee Star Wars! :D My cousin picked me up White Knight Chronicles as he wants me to join him online =P I'll do it, I have no idea when =S lol but eventually!

Anyhow, so sorry for no baked awesome goodies. I've kinda stopped because I've gained some weight hahah =( not good. That's it for now, what has all you awesome and excellent people been up to lately?


Jessica said...

Hey lady, I decided to read back in your blog =). just thought I'd let you know Dead Nation stole that achievement ;P from Dead Rising. I watched Dan achieve it then got Dead Nation and stared like whaaat? LOL its like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising all in one. PLAY IT!!! =P

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