Tuesday, April 19, 2011

graphic or not to graphic?

So it's obviously not a surprise to me, I've changed my mind on graphics several times since I got this lovely layout! I'm a perfectionist who won't stop until it's perfect; to me anyway. I hope its nice on the eyes =P I'm not finished, the links at the top need to be completed and put up. I need topics first =P I have ideas but I'm gonna hold off for now.

Do you like it? Tell me the truth! please =P


Anonymous said...

Holy Ass!
Why are you not doing my website for me again?

This is probably one of the nicest--scratch that-- THE nicest Blog I've ever seen. Awesome, pure. Awesome.

I'm not much for cooking shit, especially sweets (I feel fatter just having visited this Blog... but mmm sweets-- no Shah! Stop it!!) but the wifey would LOVE this.

Love the Layout though!!

The Sugar Chandelier said...

Hah well I didn't get to this point alone, I did need help to start me off as it's been at least 10 years since I've been at this. Maybe longer. I'm getting my swing back though =P all in good time right?

You feel fatter uh? Do I have the power of suggestion? interesting...hah

Thank you for the complements, it really does mean a lot ^^

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