Friday, April 08, 2011

Moving into my first home

So as you might know I’m moving at the end of the year. The closing date is Oct 27th 2011 but there’s always the possibility of the date being pushed back. Any how I’m not going to jinx it =P It occurred to me last June when we signed our paper work (first of many) that we’d obviously need house “stuff”.

This is our first place so we’re totally starting from scratch. It’s exciting, stressful, hectic etc. So we’ve been slowly accumulating items for the house, doing our best to avoid electrical items until much closer to the date. With that said, I’ve made a list. A list of items I never thought about, as well as the most obvious items.

I’m hoping that others can benefit from this, it’s a melding of several different lists I found but weren’t complete (in my opinion) I’d love to hear your comments! If you have anything to add I’ll be sure to add it.


~ Mugs/coffee cups
~ Espresso cups & saucers (optional, I live with itals)
~ Roasting pan
~ Pasta pot with strainer (again optional, some people use a colander or just slowly pour the water out without anything)
~ Large, medium & small frying pans (depending on usage of course)
~ Wooden spoons
~ Lasagne pan (for casseroles, baking etc.)
~ Napkin holder (if you use them)
~ Cutlery set
~ Milk jug
~ Garbage container
~ Potato masher
~ Solid spoon, slotted spoon, spaghetti , turner, ladle, tongs (you can get them as a set, or separately)
~ Salt/pepper shakers or grinders (unless you buy one time containers already full)
~ Oven mitts (or if you prefer just using tea towels then you don’t need to bother)
~ Cork screw (if it’s important)
~ Colander
~ Dish drying rack
~ Dish clothes and/or sponges
~ Cutlery drawer organizer
~ First aid kit or a few of the essentials (band aids, polysporin etc.)
~ Wire whisk
~ Spice rack (which can come in all sorts of forms)
~ Counter top storage
~ Pot and pan set (unless you’d prefer to buy them separately)
~ Wok (optional)
~ Juice jug
~ Grater
~ Trivets (especially if you have laminate countertops)
~ Can opener
~ Bottle opener
~ Peeler
~ Tea towels
~ Plate and bowl set(s)
~ Cutting board (different sizes are good to have)
~ Paper towel holder
~ Knife set (can also be purchased separately)
~ Sharpening steel (can be included in a knife set)
~ Steak knives (can be included in a knife set)
~ Champagne glasses
~ Wine glasses
~ Regular drinking cups
~ Small drinking cups
~ Measuring cup(s)


~ Rolling pin
~ Silicone bake ware
~ Large flat baking sheets
~ Funnel
~ Silicone spatula(s)
~ Tart pan
~ Pie pan
~ Sifter
~ Mixing bowls (assorted sizes)
~ Measuring spoons
~ Bake ware set (cookie sheet, muffin/cupcake pan, cooling rack, loaf pan, pizza pan, cake pan)


~ Tool set/Box (screw drivers, hammer, tape measure, mallet)
~ Drill kit
~ Wrench and pliers


~ Shower mat(s)
~ Shower curtain (fabric if wanted)
~ Vinyl shower curtain
~ Towels
~ Garbage can(s)

More obvious items

~ Appliances (if not already provided)
~ Furniture (couch, coffee table, TV, TV stand etc.)
~ Dining table and chairs
~ Washer/dryer (unless already provided)
~ Bedroom furniture (if you don’t have your own)

So I’m not even going to claim that this is a complete list. There’s always something that you’ve missed! It’s sort of frustrating actually. If only someone had all the answers! Hah that’s not going to happen. However I can try my best to get as close to that as possible. I’d love your insight on this endeavour, to help me out and others of course.

I didn’t include things such as a kitchenaid mixer, blender, or microwave because they’re not necessarily needed. It really depends on the persons cooking style. You may do a lot of cooking or almost none at all.

What do you think?


Amanda said...

Dunno why I thought of it when I saw the misc. section...though what about a first aid kit? It has come in handy for me a few times :P Especially with a kid on the way eventually lol

The Sugar Chandelier said...

I have that actually =P in the kitchen section. I added it because the kitchen is a war zone essentially. Especially if your not an experienced cook. It will certainly be useful when/if you have children hah

Amanda said...

Hahaha I overlooked it then. If ur kids will be raised by u and Joe, the baker and chef then is place to put it!

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