Friday, April 22, 2011

Mothers Day, just around the corner!

TGIF and on top of that, it’s a holiday ^^ relaxing is the key for this weekend, we all need it. So there’s no stressing over Easter dinners alright? Hah so I know Easter isn’t officially over just yet but I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day for weeks! It’s so very important to me, for many reasons. I want to be a mom, I’m hoping soon! Also I want to make sure that all the special women (moms) in my life know that I appreciate everything they do. They’ve cleaned up after us, taught us our manners, and taken care of our wounds when we’re hurt among hundreds of other things. Even now when we’re grown adults they care so much (sometimes too much hah) So on Mother’s Day I believe they deserve some real recognition.

elegant mothers day cards

With that said, I can’t stand the generic cards even if you spent upwards of $8 on just one! There’s no loving or caring put into them, they’re popped out by a machine hundreds of thousands at a time. I wanted a card that showed that I cared that much more. So I went on a mission, on to find the right cards I wanted.

This took me a while; people make a lot of cards on the site. So after what felt like a life time (at the time) of searching I came across these unique and gorgeous cards. Other cards on etsy are nice but these almost had a life of their own! You know, like Frankenstein was the masterpiece of the mad scientist that had brought him to life hah they just had this lightness about them, and I knew then that I had found myself the right designer/crafter. Her name is Kimberly, and she’s just amazing! She’s helpful, patient and very gracious. I’ve bought 20 or so cards from her, I think that’s the right amount hah among other little items like tags.

elegant mothers day cards

For this mother’s day I needed 7 which is generally the amount I get, give or take depending on the occasion. I asked her if she was planning on making any cards for mother’s day, and she asked how many. I never expected it but the very next day she had all 7 ready for me. Any how I’ll quit rambling, I just wanted to post this to show Kimberly how much I really do appreciate her help and creativeness! Everyone should visit, so make sure you stop by her etsy shop MailboxMemories as well as her Facebook fan page MailboxMemories


Kimberly said...

Thank you for featuring my little shop! Your write up made me smile. I love your analogy about Frankenstein and the mad scientist. :0)

The Sugar Chandelier said...

my pleasure =) everyone should know about your amazing work ^^

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