Thursday, May 19, 2011

The news of Val

So this is a bit overdue. I’m not going to lie; I’ve been gaming all week. That’s right; I own and play on my PS3. I’m not sure if you’re aware but recently the PSN (PlayStation network) was hacked. People’s credit card info and addresses were taken. My info was probably taken and in all honesty I’m not that upset about it. Yes it’s a bit unnerving that someone has my info, however, if let’s say someone tries to use the credit card it would be pretty hard to prove that it was me who made the purchase. I’ve heard about people being concerned that their identities will be stolen. I happen to know that unless you have your sin number out on display for the world, it’s pretty difficult. Regardless I’m concerned but not fuming. Also, all the games I play are single player games and don’t require online co-op. So the fact that the network was down wasn’t a big deal to me at all.

What concerns me now is the security of their system in the coming future. I, like everyone else understand that it’s a free service (in a sense; you still have to pay for internet : /) But when you have items such as your address and credit card info saved to their network you would think they would have the very best security. It doesn’t matter if you pay for the service or not; anyway you look at it you have the potential of losing customers because of this sort of thing. I’m not going to back away from the system, I love it. But I know several people who have already left or are in the process of doing so. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be thinking twice before I re-add any of my info which really is a shame especially because I get DC (downloadable content) from of them. Hopefully Sony will prove themselves.

In other news, I need my wisdom teeth pulled! I know, I know…why has it taken me so long? Well they’ve only bothered me maybe 4 times in my life, and as my new ital family would say “don’t replace it unless its broken” you get what I mean =P I got a very sad reality check when I saw the surgeon last Friday. As I have so many un-resolved medical issues, he refuses to put me under for it. My heart sank instantly; I hate needles in my gums…it’s just un-natural! It feels so weird on top of the pain. He won’t put me under unless all my medical “stuff” gets resolved. Which with my luck, will take years -_- so I made the difficult decision to just let them needle me (4 times for each tooth 4x4=16 oh boy) which in turn made the bill cost a lot less. It was $70 for the consultation and $802 for the surgery. I was thinking it would ballpark $1500-$2000. So now I’m waiting on a response from the insurance company about how much they’ll cover. I believe it’s done by percentage which is bull poopie! If I get a set amount each year I should just get it…So once I get that answer I suppose I’ll be making an appt. Oh joy!

Next Tuesday I go for an appt with my family doctor, who knows next to nothing about being a good doctor. I have to see her because a few months ago I had some tests done that now require more testing; so my recommendations were sent her way. I’m so completely not looking forward to seeing her. Just thinking about this stresses me out and makes me depressed. I need her help with the gov helping me with my disabilities. Kinda confusing, long story short; the first paperwork she sent them basically indicated that I wouldn’t have what I have a year from the time I applied.

This has now turned into almost 2 years of fighting with the gov! It’s completely unfair; the gov gives assistance to drug addicts for goodness sake. Why can’t they help me and make it easy for me? The entire thing is so upsetting. My final hearing date is July 12th; I have until June 12th to submit any and all paperwork for it. If they turn me down again I can simply re-apply. Just thinking about it though is exhausting, mentally and physically. I need to get copies of the recommendations from her; I’m so very stressed out about this. She’ll probably charge me.

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff to get off my shoulders!

I believe that’s it for now, I have a yummy surprise lined up for this weekend. I was very pleasantly surprised myself! Does anyone have any opinion on any of these topics? I’d love to hear from you ^^


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